Men's Ministries

The objectives of the Men’s Ministry of this church are: (1) to create a cadre of men united in a passionate desire to spread the good news of salvation to all and sundry; (2) to visit and interact with all our members, especially the sick and shut-ins; (3) to bond with, support each other, and encourage spiritual growth through prayer and social gatherings; (4) to mentor young men both in the church and the community; (5) to lead out, where possible and encourage activities, that would contribute to the spiritual growth and unifying of the church as a whole.

To achieve its objectives, the Men’s Ministry organizes retreats, counselling sessions, mother’s day luncheons, Bible Study, presentation of sermonettes and banquets, to mention but a few of its activities. On one occasion the Men’s Ministry even held a Lay-bible Crusade which resulted in the baptism of some 36 souls.

All males of the church are members of this Ministry. For further information kindly contact the Men’s Ministry Leader Bro. Anthony Hunte @ 571-9098.

Adventist Youth Society

“Remember now thy creator, in the days of thy youth…” these wise words of King Solomon are the foundation of our youth ministry. We believe that in our youth, we are blessed with energy and strength and we should use this opportunity to give of our absolute best to God. Our youth ministry therefore focuses on finding solutions in God’s word, to challenges faced by our youth and putting our God-given talents and skills to use to win souls for Christ. Some of the activities and programs of the youth ministry include; Youth Day Programmes, training sessions, community outreach sessions, sports teams (cricket, football, table tennis) youth camps and youth socials. For further information kindly contact the Youth Leader Bro. Kenny Howell @ 427-6398.

Family Life Ministries

At King Street, we are one big family in Christ and as such, we care for each other, love each other and nurture our relationships. In the same way, every family within our church and in our community is important to us and our family life ministry is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of these families, while bringing the concept of ‘family’ closer to God’s ideals. Some of the activities and programmes of the family life ministry include; singles seminars, marriage seminars, parenting workshops, family life. For further information kindly contact the Family Life Leader Pastor Leon Phillips @ 427-2632.

Children's Ministry

Jesus, Himself stressed the importance of children when He said; “…suffer the little children to come unto me…for such is the kingdom of heaven.” As true followers of Christ, we believe that ministry to children is just as important as it is to adults. We therefore focus on teaching our children from the word of God in ways that they can grasp easily and empowering our children to be faithful ambassadors for Christ as they interact with the world. Some of our activities include Children’s Day programmes, Children’s Chapel and Vacation Bible School. For further information kindly contact the Children’s Ministries Leader Sis. Colene Layne @ 427-6398.

Women's Ministry

The main aim of this ministry is to provide opportunities for women, young and old, to experience spiritual growth and deepen their faith in God. It seeks to address issues related specifically to women and help them to foster their spiritual gifts and talents and use them for God’s service. Some of the activities and programmes of the women’s ministry include; women’s seminars, women’s support groups, mentorship programmes for young women and teens, Women’s Day Programmes. For further information kindly contact the Women’s Ministry Leader Sis. Launa Roach @ 571-3904.

Community Services

The concept of this ministry is based on the example set by Christ Himself when He was on earth, as He went about doing good. We therefore serve our community with love through various activities and programmes such as harvests, visitations, hamper donations and disaster relief programmes. For further information kindly contact the Community Services Leader Sis. Maureen Durant @ 427-7563.

Personal Ministries

The most important duty God has given to His followers is to go out, teach the world of His love and lead people to Him. This ministry therefore focuses on motivating members to serve and meet the needs of those in the community through outreach activities such as conducting Sabbath School classes and bible studies, visiting homes, visiting prisons, distributing literature, caring for the sick and conducting public seminars.
For further information kindly contact the Personal Ministries Leader Bro. Trevor Watson @ 426-0507.

Health and Temperance Ministry

Health and temperance is a fundamental part of the mission of the Adventist Church, therefore we place much emphasis on health promotion and public health education. The aim of this ministry is to help men and women to practice healthy living in order to reach their full mental, physical and spiritual potential. Some of the activities of the Health and Temperance ministry include; community health fairs, health seminars, and healthy cooking classes. For further information kindly contact the Health & Temperance Leader Sis. Annetta Waithe @ 436-3669.