Kareema Gravesande
I first came to King Street SDA at the age of nine. My experience from the beginning until now is one that is memorable and dear to me. I was warmly welcomed by the members of the church and it caters to all walks of life whether old or young. King Street is the place for both young and old individuals and all of the services or events require unity and togetherness amongst both generation gaps. That's what I love about King Street and I know you would too. Being able to participate and give ideas on certain topics or situations in and around the church opens more doors for interest and creativity. With God all things are possible. Together we are one in His name.
Travis Hunte
I grew up in the King Street SDA Church from a baby until now. I am thirteen years of age. Learning new things from the Bible via memorization of Bible verses enables me to remember God’s word whenever I may need spiritual guidance. As a young deacon, I am able to impact other young individuals like you, showing you that God can use you for His work at any age. He placed the King Street Church for a great purpose to reach to other young people like you to fulfill His purpose in you life. He loves you and wants you to live forever with Him. As He told us in His word, a little child shall lead. Let us together as young passionate enthusiastic individuals, work together to see Him once again.
For as long as I can remember, growing up at the King Street Seventh-day Adventist Church has felt like home to me. This church has been instrumental in my development as a person and as a Seventh-day Adventist. As a little boy growing up, I’ve always marvelled at the many pivotal persons in the church who on a weekly basis used their talents to glorify God. As time went by, I have grown to realize that with an open mind and a willing heart, God can use you in more ways than you have ever imagined. From humble beginnings of reciting memory text while in the Kindergarten class on Sabbaths to becoming the Adventist Youth Leader, God has opened doors for me so that I can be moulded into the person that he wants me to be and he has continued to still do this!
Kenny Howell
Student - UWI, Cave Hill Campus