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I grew up in the King Street SDA Church from a baby until now. I am thirteen years of age. Learning new things from the Bible via memorization of Bible verses enables me to…
Travis Hunte, Student - The Christ Church Foundation School
I first came to King Street SDA at the age of nine. My experience from the beginning until now is one that is memorable and dear to me. I was warmly welcomed by the members of the church and …
Kareema Gravesande, Student - The Lodge School
For as long as I can remember, growing up at the King Street Seventh-day Adventist Church has felt like home to me. This church has been instrumental in my development as a person and as a young Seventh-day Adventist. As a little boy growing up, I’ve always marveled….
Kenny Howell, Student - UWI, Cave Hill Campus
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True stories inspired by life

Life has its ups and its downs. Through it all however, God is ever present. God has a way of placing things in our lives for good even though we may not know why. Here at King Street, we want to share with you, real stories of how God has used His people for His purpose even though at times they may not have known what His purpose was, they faithfully obeyed.

Contributor: Pam Charlery
Contributor: Pam CharleryBible School and Interest Coordinator


“For reasons unknown to us at the time, we were invited to visit a very distraught member of the district. We soon discovered that his wife had, unfortunately, died a few days previously. He wanted to know if we were Seventh-day Adventists and if the Pastor of the church would consent to bury his wife. A little while after the funeral service at the church, we continued to visit, to pray for, to encourage and to comfort him ….”

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